LED TV LCD FIX، وكيفية لسامسونج مزدوجة صورة، أسود خطوط عمودية، مشكلة شاشة سوني LG.

Samsung LED tv double image on screen picture problem. Also how to get rid of horizontal lines on screen. This video is a step by step of how to fix. Don’t toss out your tv. This is such an easy repair that just about anyone you can fix their tv. How to fix led tv, Double image, Led tv screen problem. Help is here. Solve your led tv double image problem. There are very few tools needed. The ribbon connectors are key to fix problem. Call Samsung for warrenty information. This video shows tv repair for led tv. A step by step disassemble and reassemble. In this video the self diagnosis in the main menu was used to test tv screen display. When this tv is functioning properly the HD quality is the best on the market. This was the easiest repair very quick and inexpressive. This video is a diy all the way. Check the manufacture warranty before working on tv. The speakers on this led tv have no mounts. This tv was purchased in 2012 and broke 2 years later. The screen problem on LCD screen was also an issue so this may help fix LCD tv screen problem for double image, blurry screen problem on panel. My led tv is broken and I fixed it. This is a samsung led 40″ led tv. This is a 2012 model and the problem started in 2014. This problem seems to be associated with the led lcd tv ghosting problem of the image. A factory reset will not work for this issue. Do not replace your panel until you have tried this. Has also been stated that this will work for Sony and LG tvs as well.

الوقت ما بعد: 2016/02/20