10 Shocking Secrets From Netflix Original Shows

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Netflix has some pretty awesome original shows. There’s probably a lot you didn’t know about them. Let us tell you some secrets. Charlie Cox who plays Daredevil worked with a blind man of 20 years to get the use of the cane down and how his eyes should look when talking to people. In The Crown, the producers hired a royal specialist the best represent the royal family and get their facts straight. Sense8 took a lot out of the actors seeing as they all had to travel about 100,000 miles in the air. Baz Luhrmann brought to life 1970’s New York City in The Get Down about the birth of Hip-Hop. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, stars of Grace and Frankie, are actually great friends in real life. If you didn’t know, Hemlock Grove was adapted from a novel of the same name. If you’ve ever seen Orange is the New Black and pay attention to when Piper is on the phone, the same woman crying is always in the background. The star of Narcos had a hard time losing the 4o pounds he put on for the role resorting to veganism to shed it. House of Cards was actually based off of the BBC miniseries of the same name which was released in 1990. Believe it or not, they went through 906 males, and 307 females, before settling on the final cast for Stranger Things. Well, what did you think of this list we compiled for you? Do you watch Netflix?

Script by: Eric Lehrman

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Martin Baena

Daredevil | 0:37
The Crown | 1:39
Sense 8 | 2:46
The Get Down | 3:53
Grace And Frankie | 4:57
Hemlock Grove | 6:04
Orange Is The New Black | 7:02
Narcos | 8:01
House Of Cards | 9:00
Stranger Things | 10:06

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Post time: 09-03-2017