12V / 5-10 Amp Capacitive Lead Acid Battery Charger

You won’t see too many of these on Youtube. This is a “fairly safe” transformerless 12V charging circuit that I put together(Still has risks like any other mains powered circuits which are not isolated). This circuit is light weight(compared to a heavy power transformer), and works extremely well. In the future I may decide to add a charging cut-off to this circuit. When a voltage of 14.25V -14.5V has been reached, all charging will stop. This method can come in very handy if you need to charge a lead acid battery when no transformer based charger is available.

Schematic here for a 5 amp charger:

**For a 10 Amp charger: Use a 200uF run capacitor / 10A 12V relay (NO/NC)/12A fuse/10A rated bridge rectifier w/ a large heatsink**

~Conversion for use with 220V is possible , but NOT recommended!

It is a VERY good idea to keep an electrical receptacle tester nylon tied onto the capacitive battery charger power cord to verify that the receptacle you intend to use was wired correctly before plugging in the charger. The use of a GFCI receptacle is HIGHLY recommended! NEVER touch the battery terminals or charger while the unit is plugged into AC mains!

Looks like this:


DISCLAIMER: WARNING, If you do not have a full understanding of how this circuit works, or you are unfamiliar with electronics OR 120v/240v wiring, DO NOT assemble this circuit! Safety first! This circuit has the potential to KILL. This channel will not be liable for any bodily injuries, property damage, or deaths resulting from the construction of, or the use/misuse of the device shown in this video. The purpose of this video was to show how you can charge a 12v lead acid battery without using a transformer. The viewer assumes all risks if they decide to make what is shown in this video.

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Post time: 06-20-2017