4 x 0 5 mm 2 PVC wire and cable manufacturing machine ( www.jing-one.com.cn )

4 x 0.5 mm2 complete production line
1. copper wire twisting — Model 500P
2. copper wire insulation — Model 50mm or 70mm extrusion machine
3. 4 x 0.5 mm 2 cable twist — Model 800P cable twist machine
4. Sheath —- Model 70mm extrusion machine

CEO Experiences ( 1994- now , 22 years focus )

1.1994 – 1998 Entered into Wonderful Photoelectricity(Dongguan)Co.,Ltd to be an electrician for wire and cable equipment maintain
2.1998.- 2002 Entered into New Asia Xinya Electronics Co., Ltd to be an manager for all machines
3.2003 Started wire and cable making machine business with friends
4. 2009 Started our own brand “JING-ONE”
5. 2013 Started Dongguan Lumao Electronics Co.,LTD ( Can help customer to learn more their cable project budget and technical)

What we supply the service to customer, there is no essential difference with other rivals. What we can do , most of them can do too . For us (seller), we try to do the differences ; but for buyer ,they see us that It is basically the same. So , what is different element ? That is called company’s management culture. The buyer read us is from those details and bits and pieces of information, And the culture of company transmit is very importance, We shall understand our culture well so that the buyer buy it , if we only sell the product but not our culture , our business will not last long.

Company culture includes our management strategy , behaviour , ideology,work attitude and the etiquette attitude in communication with customers etc .the culture of company is consistent and long-term

About the machine production we have our own responsibility system , we label his name on the devices that he produced , each part has his name and they sign the document when machine test . Final the manager sigh his name when machine test well . so that the product reach to customer’s factory are good to use .

6 years export , 6 years no quality complain from customers

you can learn us on website is : www.jing-one.com.cn , email : jingone@jing-one.com.cn , whatsapp/viber/tango: +008613926812073 ,skype :chitiejoe

Post time: 12-26-2016