5 Ways to Get Paid Traffic

So if you have decided that paid traffic is the way to go, what are your options? Here is a list of 5 common and effective methods.

  1. Google PPC – Pay Per Click
  2. Facebook
  3. Banner Advertising
  4. CPA – Cost Per Action
  5. Affiliates

Google PPC

For some time Google AdWords has been the main PPC provider. However they have continued to change their rules restricting who and how you can advertise which has particularly affected affiliate marketers. Unless you are in a very uncompetitive niche, the amount of competition has also pushed the cost per click up and so if you don’t know what you are doing and how to pick what’s known as longtail keywords, it could end up a very expensive mistake. That said if you just want to test out the effectiveness of your sales page by getting a few thousand visitors this is still a good and fast option.


Facebook also operates a PPC advertising service and now is taking over in popularity with advertisers. The costs are generally lower than Google AdWords and there are more ways you can target your ideal customers. It also has the advantage of being easily recommended and spread via the social media elements of Facebook.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is when you pay to have a graphical banner, the rectangular strip at the top of a webpage, placed at the top of high traffic websites. A cheaper alternative is to pay to be part of a rotating banner where your advert is put up with half a dozen others that are displayed alternately. You might choose to pay per thousand impressions (no of times you advert is shown) or to pay per click. Obviously you need to find websites that attract your potential customers to show your banners on.


Cost Per Action advertising, as it’s name suggests, is a way of advertising where you set up what action you are willing to pay for. For example, the action could be to sign up or even to make a purchase. The pricing is structured according to the level of action you want. The obvious benefit is that you only pay for actual interested customers.


The final way of generating paid traffic is to get affiliates to promote your product for you for a percentage of the sale. The easiest way to do this would be to upload your product to ClickBank. You would need affiliate software if you wanted to set up your own affiliate system.

Post time: 12-25-2017