In this video we are transforming some breads back in to dough by putting them under our 150T hydraulic press.

NOTE : This video was re-uploaded with a disclaimer on the beginning of the video.

Apparently people don’t watch videos untill the end, and also don’t read descriptions because the previous video got A LOT of dislikes and shoutouts like -WASTE OF FOOD- -UNSUBBED- -DISLIKED-

So now we included a disclaimer on the beginning of the video to show those people that this bread was not wasted.

We have a small farm at our house, and every week we receive A LOT of bread from local stores which they were not able to sell. And instead of throwing that bread away, they give it to us to feed our birds.

So i took out some good looking breads from that big pile of bread and pressed them. After the pressing there is nothing wrong with the bread -only a bit flatter-, and the birds still ate it.

To all the people that disliked the previous video : Next time read the description, or watch the video to the end before you start shouting/voting/disliking/unsubbing.

Here you can find the original video which is now unlisted : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghL-UBpl8l8

Really curious if the people that first disliked the video will remove the dislike
Like/Dislike on that video are now at : 678/324

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Equipment Used for filming our videos :

* Home Made 150Ton Hydraulic Press
* Gopro Hero4 Black Edition + Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro
* Canon Eos 70D
* Laptop : MSI GT72 6QD-678BE Dominator Pro
* Slowmotion Camera IDT capable of 1350FPS at FullHD, 2000FPS at 720p and 60.000FPS at lowest resolutions | http://idteurope.eu/ (not used in videos before 6th of June 2016)
* 2x Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Tripods

Location : Belgium – Antwerp
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Don’t try this yourself ! Hydraulic Presses are very powerful and you can get harmed if you don’t operate it correctly !

Post time: 12-26-2016