9 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Digital Marketing

Today, we find a range of marketing channels to manage. This has add more complexity to the existing challenging job of marketing professionals. One such stressful task is designing an effective content strategy for your business. In the following, I’m sharing some effective tips that can help you evaluate the efficiency of your current content marketing strategy and help properly identify areas for improvement;

1. Do your homework:

Before you start making your marketing or content plan, you need to run some background research. Start by asking the following questions to yourself:

  1. What are the popular topics in your industry presently? While these topics won’t stay hot forever, but creating content which is in demand will be a good way to build traction.
  2. What queries do your clients have? One of the most effortless approaches to make compelling marketing pieces is to just answer the queries they already have with new content.
  3. What knowledge gaps exists for your industry?
  4. Is there something your rivals are doing admirably that you aren’t? Or is there another recent development that hasn’t been addressed with content? Make notes of any knowledge gaps you can consider.
  5. What are the evergreen topics in your industry? Making “evergreen” content to be a part of your content plan will help drive sustained traffic to your site and provide you an anchor with which you can link future content pieces.

2. Evaluate data:

The recent advancement in technology has provided more access for marketers for information about their clients than was not accessible in the past. However, it is not essential that you get all the relevant information about the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Understand which of the numbers is most essential to the achievement of your business and try focusing on those.

3. Connect customers with your business objective:

In order to create an effective content strategy, you also need to connect your customers with your business objectives, along with high quality and engaging content. Producing a content that is good to read, but is not leading your customers to think about your products or services is of no avail.

4. Share Value rather than Pushing Products:

People dislike overly promotional posts. Rather, people love to see posts that offer value. Think about which post you click the most while using Facebook – Think you only click on paid Ads? Or you click on posts that are offering value?

A very simple way to keep a balance in your content 80-20 rule of thumb;

  • 80% of your posts should be helpful, inspirational or educational.
  • 20% of your content can be promotional – where you will talk about your product/service, your business or sales/offers.

5. Automate Your Marketing:

Did you know that businesses waste 13 work weeks a year? Yes, and the reason is ‘repetitive tasks’. Marketers have found out that marketing automation can be a reliable solution to repetitive tasks. You can send emails, set up auto-responders (to general queries), use tracking tool for analytics, and set up sales alerts to save your time. If you are an SEO, subscribe to some marketing platform and save your search, keyword ranking, traffic, and other key tracking issues.

6. Look at the Bigger Picture:

Make sure that your perceived achievement of your content marketing strategy is truly focused around that strategy. Keep in mind that although your campaign exists on the internet, your clients don’t. Watch out for real world events that may be affecting the information gathered about your marketing campaign.

Open the Lines of Communication – Analyzing information and scanning for the ideal marketing plan that will resonate with your clients could be a real challenge. A simple way would be to just ask them to give their feedback. An open discussion where clients can express their positive and negative views can give you a lot of valuable information.

7. Keep up with Current Trends in Your Industry:

Try to become a trusted resource for information that can help inspire your target market and audience in any way. Observe the topics, questions, keywords or brand mentions related to your field that can capture the attention of your potential client.

Set up tools like Google Alerts or Talkwalker Alerts with keywords that are related to your industry. Try following your industry pioneers/leaders on Twitter (add them to a Private List for stealth-mode observing) to see what points they are discussing and offering to their community. Or just ask your current clients or community what they wish to see more on your blog or social media pr8les.

8. Foster the Right Links:

It is not necessary that all the content related to your industry should be good for your business. You need to find the ways to get your products/service mentioned on the right forums or blogs to make a world of difference. On the other hand, links on the sites that are unable to attract any reader to your site will have negative effects on your site.

9. Write Content with a “Re-purposing” Strategy in Mind:

Take care that every single content you write could be turned into another form of content. Such as:

  1. For every single post you create on your blog, write 2-3 short tips from the content that could be used as Tweets or Graphics.
  2. Every blog post is used to create a SlideShare presentation or a short video at a later date.
  3. If you’re blogging occasionally, take a quarter’s worth of posts (12 weeks) and assemble them into a Whitepaper, an eBook, or video series.

Don’t forget to share your content more than one time. Write some content that could be important in the coming future (known as Evergreen content), and re-post it on your social profiles for new followers or people who didn’t see it the first time around. Like any other marketing technique, your content marketing strategy could be as much effective as your ability to appeal or maintain the interest of your potential customers. Your content marketing plan must be evaluated carefully and continuously and should be updated to verify that it will continue to appeal your potential customers.

Post time: 06-20-2017