90 Corner or T-Clamp Square Up Those Honey Bee Hive Boxes Can-Do-Clamp

Get your own Can-Do-Clamp here: http://amzn.to/2H0qFqw

I use these corner clamps to square up my bee-boxes for gluing and screwing. They take the guess work out of making sure your equipment maintains 90 degree corners.

They have open corners so that if your glue runs down, it doesn’t drip all over your clamps. You can also use these for tacking up your welding work pieces as the corners are open to get your stinger in there and lay down a tack or run a bead.

Solid aluminum clamp, with a carbon steel threaded adjustment.

I can’t imagine it every wearing out when used and maintained properly. You can also bench mount them if you want to make a jig for bulk bench work.

Clamp up miters or T-Joints… screw, glue, complete the joint and move on to the next piece.

Out of square bee boxes are a problem when you’re stacking them, or matching up with bottom boards. These take the guess work out of it. I’ve been assembling bee boxes for over a decade and I finally got these clamps… what was I waiting for? Very happy with them and that’s why I’m sharing.

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Post time: 03-10-2018