99 Honda Civic No Spark Diagnosis with a Test Light

I will show you how to troubleshoot the entire ignition system, including cam and crank signals, ECU to igniter control and igniter to ignition coil control using a simple test light. A follow up test will be done with a small single channel lab scope, showing yet another way to verify the same condition.

Engine Performance Diagnostics chapter 22

– no start

– replace faulty ignition coil

Tests shown
– how to test for spark and injector pulse with an incandescent test light
– using injector pulse as a guide for good cam and crank signals
– how to test for igniter control of the ignition coil
– how to isolate the ignition coil to test the igniter itself
– how to perform a primary coil current ramp test with a lab scope (uScope) and an inductive low amp probe

Tools used
– OTC 3633 Mini Circuit Tester


– ATD Tools 5519 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter


– uScope Master Kit 1-channel automotive scope


– Lisle 20700 Coil-on Plug Spark Tester


– (Chapter 22) No Spark Troubleshooting, Ignition Coil & Module Testing


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Post time: 07-17-2017