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April 7, 2011
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(Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 7, 2011)
Flip Side of Sunny, the Darkness of Money:

“Thousands of Years in the Making,
All Resources of World for the Taking,
A Few Societies Brought this Together,
Bound by Blood and Oaths of Terror,
Intermarried, With Nieces They Mated,
Gathering Wealth, Power Never Satiated,
Their Code of Life is Code of Survival,
Ensuring in Future Their Planned Arrival,
A World to Conquer, A World for Keeps,
Minions Once Useful, Discarded in Heaps,
Seeing Peoples as a Simple Resource,
Wringing the Life Out Without Remorse,
The Goal’s in Sight, The Future is Sunny
For Cunning Psychopathic Masters of Money”
© Alan Watt April 7, 2011
Early Forms of Money, Ancient Phoenicians’ Banking and Mines – Scam of Money – Built-in Fears in Moneyed System – International Moneylenders’ Ownership of Governments – Think Tanks Planning for Elite Survival – Cities, Duties of a “Citizen” – John Maynard Keynes, Bretton Woods 1 and 2 – Levels of Understanding of Socialism-Communism – Politicians Follow their Scripts – Fabian G.B. Shaw – CFR-RIIA – Escapism into Fiction, Entertainment, Creation of Narcissistic Society – Public Exist to “Serve the Economy” – George Soros, New Financial Order – Interpol Calls for Global ID Card – UK Communitarianism, Community Infrastructure Levy – Salt Lake City goes Cashless – Japan, Reactor Meltdowns, Tepco’s Cozy Relationship with Gov. Bureaucracy – Payoffs to Inspectors – Like Any Business, Government Tracks its Investments (You) – Education to Produce Good Parrots – Symbol of Graduation Cap – Radioactive Iodine Found in N. America and Europe – Rapid Depopulation – Chernobyl Fallout.
* Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 7, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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