All Night by Alvin Darling and Celebration

Here I am with another YouTube gospel video. I’m taking us back, not too far to 2005. Pastor Alvin Darlnig and his group, Celebration came out with the album “You Deserve My Worship.” The name of this song is the down-home, toe-tappin’ “All Night” Alvin Darling grew up in Newark, NJ and is currently pastor at Greater Mt. Zion Holy Church and Old Ship of Zion Church in New Jersey. What makes this contradictory to where he’s from is that this song has a very Southern feel that would make you feel like you was at your grandmother’s church in South Carolina. But no, he is a Jerseyite. I do not own this song, nor am I seeking monetary gains or publicity. The words are on the video for those who want to follow along. I hope you enjoy. God Bless!

Thanks for making this video 2k hits strong!! God Bless!!

Update: I never would have imagined this video to have more than 43k hits. Thank you all so much for your support!!

Update: 50,000 hits. GOD IS TOO GOOD! Thank you all for your support. Keep watchin and keep sending me requests.

Post time: 05-20-2017