Andreas Deja Animation Reel

Note: Found out 1:19-1:25 is animated by Russ Edmonds and 3:13-3:17 is animated by James Baxter.
A compilation of some of my favourite cuts of animation by Andreas Deja.
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The song is Emile Pandolfi’s cover of Part of Your World.

Animators are seldom credited for individual shots in Disney films. For most of the shots I’ve included here I’ve seen confirmation that Deja animated them but for others I’ve had to guess that they’re his. All the pencil tests aside from possibly the one at 3:25 are animated by Deja. As the supervising animator for these characters he would have done most of their key animation but it’s possible that he didn’t animate some of these. If anyone has any more info and sources about other animators doing shots in this video, please leave a comment so I can credit them.

Deja was a Disney animator from the 80s to the late 00s. He’s mostly known for animating villains like Scar Gaston and Jafar. He also has an amazing blog about animation:

In Western animation key animators usually animate character instead of every moving element in a scene. Deja was the supervising animator, meaning the primary key animator, for these characters:

A lot of character, especially Disney cameos- Who Framed Roger Rabbit
King Triton- The Little Mermaid
Gaston- Beauty and the Beast
Jafar- Aladdin
Scar- The Lion King
Adult Hercules- Hercules
Lilo- Lilo and Stitch
Mama Odie & Juju- The Princess and the Frog
Tigger- Winnie the Pooh (2011)
Everything in the Mushka trailers was animated by him.

List of sources:
0:00-0:11- Hercules
0:11-0:19- Beauty and the Beast
0:20-0:25- The Lion King
0:26-0:36- Aladdin
0:36-0:46- The Lion King
0:47-1:03- The Princess and the Frog
1:04-1:18- Who Framed Roger Rabbit
1:26-1:31- Winnie the Pooh (2011)
1:26-1:31- Winnie the Pooh (2011)- Deleted scene
1:32-1:44- The Lion King
1:45-1:55- Aladdin
1:56-2:05- Beauty and the Beast
2:06-2:12- Hercules
2:13-2:20- Aladdin
2:21-2:28- Winnie the Pooh (2011)
2:29-2:38- Mushka Pencil test
2:38-2:47- Mushka Teaser Trailer
2:48-2:57- Lilo and Stitch
2:58-3:08- The Little Mermaid
3:09-3:17- The Lion King
3:18-3:24- Winnie the Pooh (2011)
3:25-3:28- Lilo and Stitch- Deleted scene
3:28-3:38- Lilo and Stitch
3:39-3:46- Hercules
3:47-3:52- Lilo and Stitch
3:53-3:57- Winnie the Pooh (2011)
3:58-4:02- Hercules
4:03-4:11- The Little Mermaid
4:12-4:14- Hercules
4:15-4:23- Lilo and Stitch

Mushka Pencil test:

Mushka Teaser Trailer:

Deja’s blog:

Link to a podcast where he talks about animating some of these shots:

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