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Trampolining moves

Competitive trampolining routines consist of combinations of ten contacts with the trampoline bed combining varying rotations, twists and shapes with take-off and landing in one of four positions:

* Feet

* Seat

* Front

* Back

A routine must always start and finish on feet.

In competitions, moves must usually be performed in one of the following 3 basic shapes:

* Tucked – with knees clasped to chest by hands

* Piked – with hands touching close to feet and both arms and legs straight

* Straight – straight arms, body & legs

A fourth position is only allowed for twisting somersaults in competitions:

* Puck – a combination of pike and tuck

A straddle, or straddled pike is a variant of a pike with arms and legs spread wide and is only recognized as a move as a shaped jump and not in any somersault moves.

Rotation is performed about the bodies longitudinal and lateral axis, producing twists and somersaults. Twists are done in multiples of a half, and somersaults in multiples of a quarter. For example, a barani ball out move consists of a take-off from the back followed by a tucked 1¼ front somersault combined with a ½ twist, to land on feet. Rotation around the dorso-ventral axis is also possible (producing side-somersaults and turntables), but these are not generally considered to be valid moves within competitions.

Rugby World Cup

England vs South Africa

England had a disappointing game in yesterdays world cup clash against South Africa, they could not deal with the strength of the Springbok. At half time they came off the pitch 20-0 down and looked liked a broken side, however trying there best they had a valiant attempt in the second half by only letting the springbok score 16 points pasts them, the end result was South Africa 36 England 0. Now also have bigger worries with injuries to Jason Robinson who was the one who looked most likely to make a break past the Spingbok and also Jason Noon. It’s now going to be a tough and physical game against samoa next week?

What did you think of the game?

Asafa Powell Breaks the 100m sprint record again!!

After the disappointment of the world championship, where Powell only could manage a bronze medal, he has put that firmly behind him by breaking his own world record again in Rieti Grand Prix in Italy on Sunday. Powell before that has run 9.77sec 3 times before breaking his own world record on Sunday 9th September by 3, 100th of a second which means the new world record stands at 9.74 sec, and Powell believes he can go faster.

Post time: 12-01-2017