BADASS DH MTB AT BAILEY!!! Brian and I ride some full on Downhill| Redemption17 | Ep. 16 |

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I’ve been to a whopping 2 lift access bike parks in my life, and Brian has been to 1, so we decided we need to up our game and scare ourselves a little with a visit to Bailey’s mountain bike park today!

First things first, Motion Makers Bike shop in Asheville came through for me with a last minute shock and fork overhaul, and now I’m happy to say that they are both buttery smooth.

Brian and I headed out of Asheville today and north. Oh yea, and remember those groms we met at the cafe in Hendersonville? They met us up at Bailey’s!! On Fridays they have what they call “Twilight Laps” where the tickets are 25 as opposed to 35, and they run from 4-8pm. It’s great as it isn’t as crowded so you can smash laps the entire time.

Stoked they did too as they were a couple of great tour guides as they took us around the park and introduced us to the trails and lines….. that is until they dropped us. These guys were fast!!!

Brian and I focused on progression today, so pay attention to the difference in each lap. In the Patron cut I left everything in order so you guys could see how we were able to get more and more comfortable on the trails throughout the day and after multiple laps.

It’s amazing what some repetition can do!!

We didn’t hit any black trails, but by the end of the day we both felt very comfortable at full speed on the blues, and were having a damn good time catching air and roosting berms.

This place was a blast – amazing trails run by a family that are hands on and present at the park. I enjoyed speaking with the owner and hearing about how she came to own a mountain bike park in the first place!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did. The lighting in this video is particularly cool because of the twilight sun!



Post time: 06-20-2017