Barricade Lights For Safety & Security

Barricade lights are relied upon everyday for your safety and security, but it’s quite possible you don’t even notice them. Here are some ways that barricade lights are used to make your day safer, your travel safer and your life safer.

Airport Security Lights

An airport or air strip is one of the most likely and common places for you to see barricade lights in use. Barricade lights are used to line the landing strips, usually in both the flashing and constantly lit varieties. You’ll also see the familiar amber led lights used by airport crews and on official airport vehicles. Without these safety and warning lights, airports would likely come to a standstill.

Road & Construction

Another very common use for barricade lights is anywhere where there are road problems or there is active construction. You’ll see barricade lights on guardrails where there are cliffs, steep drops or ravines near roads. You’ll see barricade lights where new road is being laid or where road is being repaired, regardless of whether the road crew is working at that time or not. You’ll see barricade lights warning you of sink holes, pot holes, minor flooding, rocks or debris in the roadway and just about anything else that requires advanced warning for drivers in the area.

Emergency Warning

When accidents happen, during hurricanes, major floods, after earthquakes or other natural disasters, you’ll see barricades with barricade lights blocking the entrance to damaged roads and dangerous areas. During Hurricane Katrina, entire city blocks and entire neighborhoods of New Orleans had to be blocked with barricades and barricade warning lights to stop people from entering them and endangering their lives. Without these lights warning people of dangerous areas and blocking their way, even more lives could have been lost.

Buildings & Structures

At the top of many tall buildings, you’ll see a type of led warning light that is used to keep airplanes and helicopters away from those buildings. Many times, especially at night, you won’t be able to see some structures, most especially any structure or high rise tower or building that is in the process of being built. During these times, there will be no lights on inside the building, therefore the building may be practically invisible to any air traffic at night. Without led warning lights on top of and around the structure, a plane or helicopter could crash into it causing terrible loss of life to the people in the aircraft and far less importantly, huge monetary damages to the owner of the structure or building.

More About Barricade Lights

The most common type of barricade light is amber colored and can be purchased in either 6 or 12 volt varieties, as well as steady burn, constantly lit or a “flasher” type, which continuously flashes. One of the main advantages and the reason why led barricade lights are the most commonly used and the preferred choice for governmental, business and transportation agencies is due to the use of batteries in the lights, allowing the barricades to be used virtually anywhere without the need for electricity.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, barricade lights are an important daily part of our lives, one that we may rarely, if ever, really notice.

Post time: 11-15-2017