Basic Dimensions of Threads

The thread is a measurement unit used for cotton or yarns. This is a   spool  that is utilized to create clothing. This is one of the important terms we should learn so we can know how to distinguish a lea from a hank or a bundle. Many people are also interested to know the different thread dimensions.

What are the thread dimensions? Its length is fifty four inches. This is used to measure cotton. This is also synonymous to the word, “tex” which pertains to the yarn’s weight. The word, “denier” on the other hand pertains to the yarn’s weight that measures nine thousand meters. Another word that is also synonymous to thread is “lea”, a term used to pertain to eighty threads or one hundred twenty yards.

When using thread, it is also wise to learn other terms linked to it like hank and bundle. A bundle is a term used to pertain to clothes weighing ten pounds. Hank is a word that pertains to seven leas or eight hundred forty yards. These words are closely linked to one another because they are all used when counting the cotton in dresses. In general a cotton count pertains to the total quantity of threads that are required to generate clothing weighing one pound.

Other Important Details about the Thread

The terminology, “thread count” is the measurement unit to describe how fine a cloth or a fabric is. This is also popularly known as TPI, which means threads per inch. It is important to know how many threads are in one square inch of clothing. This measurement should have the width and length of each thread. You can get this by adding the threads that have been used on both sides. The TPI or thread count is frequently used in describing various types of linens made of cotton especially for a bed sheet. This is also utilized in classifying towels.

Thread count is used commonly in different kinds of cotton linens like bed sheets. Furthermore, it is also used to classify towels. This is the significant aspect to gauge the fabric’s quality. This is one of the things that buyers consider when buying a towel or a bed sheet. The basic thread count for good cottons is one hundred fifty. A bed sheet that is made of high quality has a typical TPI of one hundred eighty. A percale cloth has a two hundred thread count.

Post time: 12-01-2017