Beating the Speed Cameras at Their Own Game!

With more than 3 million motorists being caught by speed cameras, it is little wonder that Britain’s motorists are becoming more and more desperate to find ways to avoid the inevitable three points and £60 fine.

Unfortunately, speed cameras are not always about being safe. So whilst you may be perfectly safe driving along an empty motorway at eighty miles an hour, this does not mean that you will escape the hidden camera.

As a result, many motorists are opting to fight speed cameras with technology, namely speed camera detectors.

Are Speed Camera Detectors Legal?

One of the leading detectors on the market is the Indic8tor that promises to be the ultimate driving experience. But are these tools legal? YES! There has been much discussion about the legality of these radars, but it has been decided, finally, that they are perfectly legal accessories.

Currently, there is a bill going through Parliament that may make certain types of detectors illegal. However, the mainstream type of detector, like the Indic8tor, is likely to be sound for many years to come!

How do Speed Detectors Work?

A detector can work in one of three ways, through laser detection, radar detection or through GPS (Global Positioning Satellite). The latter type alerts drivers to the location of cameras, regardless of whether they are in operation or not. These types of detectors are thought of as fully compatible with the Government’s policy of having highly visible cameras and are unlikely ever to be banned. Other types such as those that ‘jam’ signals are more likely to come under scrutiny in the next few years.

How Does the Indic8tor Work?

Indic8tor works in a way that allows the driver to be alerted to most of the main types of cameras that are in use on Britain’s roads. Gatso cameras account for over 90% of all stationary cameras that are currently in use and are, therefore, probably the most important ones to be able to detect accurately. Fortunately, the Indic8tor manages to detect the laser from the cameras in advance. It can, therefore, warn drivers of the upcoming speed camera, while also reminding the driver of the speed limit in operation so that compliance can be maintained.

The second main types of cameras in use are the mobile cameras, which are used by police officers at the side of the road. Again, these are highly dangerous to the motorist as they are, by their very nature, rarely in the same place two days in a row. Vigilance is of course necessary, but detectors such as the Indic8tor will also alert drivers in plenty of time of the upcoming camera and will remind the motorist of the applicable speed restrictions.

Benefits of a Speed Camera Detector

Contrary to some earlier reports, speed camera detectors are now considered to be useful driving aids, which actually encourage drivers to drive well. One of the main reasons for this is that the driver is released to concentrate on the business of driving rather than looking out for hidden speed cameras! By using detectors wisely, motorists can dramatically reduce their chances of a motoring conviction as well as making themselves much safer drivers.

Remember, however, that having a speed detector does not give you carte blanche to charge around at whatever speed you wish – safety should still always come first.

Post time: 03-10-2018