Becky’s Pfaff 1222E Part 1
My name is Kenn and I’m a certified Pfaff Technician. Ive been working on sewing machines for the last 18 years.

If you have been told that your machine is un-repairable or that the parts are no longer available or that its going to cost $400 to $500 to fix your machine Just say no and send me an email through Ebay my ID is Kennsplace.

My listing is called Pfaff Mail-A-Repair.

Heres a link:

I can get many parts still for the Pfaff 1100 and 1200 series machines.

My listing on Ebay is for $189.95 for the service plus I give free return shipping. Parts like the motor, circuit board, camstack, and foot pedal are extra.

I take machines and refurbish them back to when they were like new.

Heres what I do:
Replace the needle threader if damaged.
Replace feed gears.
Replace camstacks.
Replace or repair foot pedals.
Repair the front dial (master selector) were the indicator mark moves to the right or left when you turn the dial.
Repair the buttonhole assemble.
Replace the drive belt if damaged.
Replace the timing belt if damaged.
Replace the bobbin-winding wheel.
Adjust the pen swing so the needle doesnt come down and move the fabric when sewing.
Adjust the feed dog height.
Adjust the presser foot height.
Adjust the feed system and the IDT (walking foot).
Zero out the feed assembly so your patterns sew to the correct length and you get the proper amount of stitches.
Adjust the pattern feed.
Adjust the pattern selector assembly so your patterns sew correctly.
Adjust the needle hook timing.
Clean out the motor and replace the carbon brushes if needed and turn down the commentator.
Adjust the circuit board so that the motor gets the right voltage and runs at the correct speed.
Adjust the tensions so you get the proper stitches.
Adjust the pen swing for the zig-zag stitches.

Post time: 09-04-2017