Belfast City Hall Visitor Exhibition Guide Review

I’m down at beautiful Belfast City Hall to check out the wonderful permanent Visitor Exhibition that has just been opened.
This marvellous free exhibition is a, must see, for anyone, young or old local or from beyond these shores, who wants to know all about the city we call home. I reckon it has to be one of the best exhibitions/tours/displays anywhere on this island. Well done Belfast City Council!
Belfast City Council
Our new permanent visitor exhibition is now open.
The City Hall’s east wing on the ground floor has been completely renovated to facilitate the new tourist attraction, which has its own dedicated reception area.
The exhibition offers a journey from the city’s past to present, showing the vibrancy and diversity of Belfast City Hall across six themed zones:
The City, Growth and Governance
The City at Work and Play
City Speech and City Streets
The City Commemorates
The Reflection Space and
The City Celebrates
The whole exhibition stretches over 16 separate rooms, all presented within the original architecture of City Hall as designed by Alfred Brumwell Thomas in the late 1890s. After exploring the various rooms, you can pause for thought in the dedicated reflection space or take time out for lunch or refreshments in our refurbished coffee shop, The Bobbin.
The visitor exhibition is free for individuals (there’s a charge for commercial groups) but for £3.50 you can hire headphones and listen to an audio tour, available in a range of languages. You can also buy a commemorative booklet for just £1.

Post time: 05-20-2017