Belzona 5812DW – Applied Onto Damp Concrete

This short video demonstrates the high adhesive strength of Belzona 5812DW, corrosion protection system which is approved for contact with drinking water.

This cost effective, two-component solvent free system, which is NSF certified, was specifically developed for safe contact with potable water and provides a coating system for metallic and non-metallic surfaces. For this video, we have used Belzona 5812DW in combination with Belzona 9241 aggregate to create a drinking water approved concrete rebuilding system for heavily damaged vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Demonstration Criteria:

The concrete surface was dampened with tap water and left in that condition for 24 hours. The surface was then dried off as much as possible. The moisture content prior to application was 75%.

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Condition the concrete with Belzona 5812 DW
Step 2: Mix Belzona 5812DW with Belzona 9241DW
Step 3: Apply the mixed product onto the conditioned concrete
Full manufacturers application recommendations can be found:

Test Results:

The adhesive strength was tested via Dolly Pull-Off testing (ASTM D4541/ISO 4624). The cohesive failure of the substrate under the adhesion test reported an average of 656 psi. Adhesive strength of Belzona 5812DW was proven to be higher than the cohesive strength of concrete.

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Post time: 06-19-2017