Best Residential Lawn Care Truck

**Ford Ranger Custom Lawn Truck**
Bed Cost: 2.5k
Paint & Logos: $700
Leaf and Coil Springs Installed: $550
Green Touch Weedeater, Blower, Line Spool Racks: $400

Total Cost in Truck: 8.5k

Payload capacity
Angle of ramp/gate
Equipment layout & Design

Hedge trimming debris
Trash placement
Limited space | Must carefully choose equipment

Eliminates liability associated with trailers
No trailer registration fees $$$
No trailer tires to replace $$$
Does not block driveways or mailboxes
Less grass to blow out from underneath truck
Reduces labor costs $$$ (reducing drive time)
“Trims the fat” and is very efficient (Carry only what you need)
Company & Brand Awareness Increases

Post time: 05-20-2017