BLUEROCK ® Model 945-VS Wire Stripping Machine Copper Recycling Auto Stripper STRiPiNATOR ®

To take a closer look at the machine or to purchase go to our website at You can also give us a call at BLUEROCK Tools at 206-604-8363.

Power Supply: 220V 50-60Hz 2.2KW 3 HP Motor Single Phase
Wire Range: .064″ (14 AWG) – 1-3/4″ or in metric (2mm-45mm)
SAJ Variable Frequency Drive (Variable Speed Inverter)
14 Channels of Cutters- 20 Blades
Strips Certain ROMEX® Brand Cable or other NM Cables
Brand New Motor Starter Switch- Heavy Duty High Quality with Overload Protection
Combines Gear and Belt Driven Function
Cutting Speed: Approximately 125′ per minute! (pieces of wire should be cut in 4 foot lengths)
Power Cord not included. Must be installed by a qualified Electrician

Post time: 12-26-2016