Canon – I Ain’t Got Time (ft. Pearl) [Official Audio]

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Verse 1
Sick and tired while I’m sitting inside
I’m Up in the studio trying to feel the vibe
I got writers block and now I can’t decide,
what verse should use, besides I got 100,000 verses locked all away in case since 2k9, I got tracks I produced I ain’t use in 05 but yeah on the real I could use a line, I’ve Been flying across the whole world with 4-12, riding with ya boy no sleep but oh well, The Merchandise is sold out im set yeah, Take a frank from the bank and let’s bail, How much you wanna spend or take out, Let’s tour the whole city turning the whole place out, Simply Lemonade bringing the whole case out, Forget what happened or how late we stayed out, Hard work and no play is played out, Space and time off is hard to find don’t call the cell phone or email me, I’ll hit you back in my best time, Waite, I got bills to pay, it’s the first of the month and its rent time, I got album due and got debt to pay off, I might as well catch y’all next time

Chorus: (PEARL)
It’s been a long long week and my jobs got me beat maybe we can go and party tonight, I know my gas on E and my wallet aint speaking but my homies say they got me tonight,
so turn them speakers up loud and put them hands up high we gone party like we’ll never see the end of the night, if you’re trying to talk, listen baby I got time, cause I’m trying to take this party to the street

I ain’t got time for ya nah!
I ain’t got time for ya nah!
I ain’t got time for ya nah!
cause I’m trying to take this party to the street

Verse 2:
7 days, one week, It’s time for me to clock out (Sheesh)
Im faded up with my jays on, my outfit is on point (Fleek)
I’m riding round with my dawgs tripping,
Loose collar, we gone (Please)
Turn the music back up, I ain’t tryna hear you talk so be quit (Sheesh)
Snap chat on my Instagram, hit my line when y’all hit the scene, Got 12 dollars in my bank account, Eating French fries with my chicken wingsGot lemon pepper, Got BBQ got honey gold man I’m lit for days,
Mess around and get a 100 pack of that sauce drippen eating chic fil a
And I’m Gucci! Guwop!


If you on that, I ain’t got time, I ain’t got time if you on that,


Post time: 05-20-2017