Capacitor ESR Measurement with the Bode 100

This video tutorial shows how the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of a capacitor is measured using the vector network analyzer Bode 100 and the impedance adapter B-WIC / B-SMC from OMICRON Lab.

The ESR of a capacitor can influence the behavior of an electronic system. For example the stability of a power supply depends on the ESR of its output capacitor. Therefore the ESR, which changes over frequency, has to be known in several cases. Manufacturers do often not provide sufficient data about the ESR of their passive components.

Assuming a series equivalent circuit model for a capacitor including the capacitance and the series resistance, the Bode 100 can directly measure the impedance values of both components over the full frequency range from 1Hz to 40MHz.

To see how easy the impedance measurement of a capacitors ESR can be done with the VNA Bode 100 and the impedance adapter B-WIC / B-SMC you can also download the corresponding application note from:

Used Measurement Equipment:

Bode 100 — The Bode 100 is a vector network analyzer that serves as a frequency response analyzer, a gain phase meter and impedance meter as well as a sine wave generator. It can be controlled via the Bode Analyzer Suite, a graphical user interface. An OLE compatible automation interface allows easy implementation into automated systems.

B-WIC and B-SMC — The impedance adapters for through-hole type components (B-WIC) and surface mounted components (B-SMC) in combination with the Bode 100 enable easy and fast impedance measurements of all common passive components.

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Post time: 06-20-2017