copper and insulation separator

M600 water washing copper wire separator

With the water circulation system,A grooved bed surface can separate copper
from plastic effectively.

Water washing and vrbrating system,can get mixed cable diameter 1mm-30mm 99% copper separting.

There is a groove cradle in reselect equipment.

1).Wire crusher M600 type,30KW,1set,weight:2tons.

2).Vibrating table,1.1KW motor,1 set,weight:1ton.

Vibrating table will take L6500*W2000*H1600(mm)area.
table two sides installing with water channels.

3).Magnetic separator,0.75KW,1set,weight:200kgs.

4).Water pump,1.5KW,3 sets.

5).Electric box,1set.

Machine in total:36KW,Output:15tons copper granules per day.


1).The 600 crusher should be installed higher than the vibrating table,

so the water pumps water washing the wire granules into the vibrating table for separating.

600 crusher should be installed with a cement-treated base, overall height 2000mm.

2). The water is a close circuit,should install a L3000*W1500*H2000(mm) water

tank(water jump)for containing about 10CBM water for recycling.

three water pumps for water input and output.

3).Iron seaparating by magnetic separator,XLPE , PVC, copper

separating because of densities differences.

4).The vibrating table and the water jump should be installed in the

room and the room ground should be cement,no water leak or be drained directly to the outside water sources.

just because the wire granules maybe containing heavy metal.

5).The water can be recycling used again and again.

Post time: 12-26-2016