Copper engravers known for their skillful artisanship

(20 Jul 2008) SHOTLIST
Isfahan – 17 June 2008
1. Wide of copper stalls and merchants at the bazaar in Isfahan
2. Close-up of man hammering copper pot
3. Wide of man hammering a copper pot
4. Close-up of flame heating up copper pot for welding
5. Wide of man welding copper pots
6. Interior of man’s copperware store and workplace
7. Various of copper engraver hammering
8. Close-up of flame from gas torch melting tar
9. Various of engraver melting tar with gas torch
10. Close-up of hand laying out sheet of copper over melted tar
11. Man engraving shapes onto the copper sheet laid over cold tar
12. Close-up of hand engraving shapes on copper with tools
13. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Seyd Ahmad Ahmadi, Copper engraver:
“First we melt tar and then, lay out metals such as copper and brass over the tar. We let the tar cool and outline the sketch we are going to engrave by making small holes around the sketch. Then we start engraving the sketch onto copper sheet. It is carried out by making notches around the outline using engraving chisel.”
14. Close-up of hand hitting engraving chisel on copper
15. Close-up of Seyd Ahmad Ahmadi’s face hammering
16. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Seyd Ahmad Ahmadi, Copper engraver:
“It is a traditional art of Isfahan and similar arts like engraving are favoured by Isfahani people. In recent years, women have found this art more interesting than men. As I said before, Isfahani people are art lovers and this kind of engraving is one of their favourites.”
17. Copper engravers working
18. Zoom out of an engraved floral pattern on copper tray
19. Close-up of woman’s face hammering copper
20. Tilt-up of woman’s hand hammering the copper-engraving chisel
21. Pan from copper engraved trays to woman working
22. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Sara Salehipour, Copper engraver:
“By copper engraving art, you can engrave all kinds of patterns of copper, particularly Quran verses and that is the most beautiful thing that can be shaped on copper and be given to others as a gift.”
23. Close-up of hand engraving Quran verses onto copper
24. Wide of copper engraved handicrafts in shop
25. Foreign tourists buying a copper-engraved tray
26. Close-up of patterns on copper tray
27. SOUNDBITE (English) Tira Pauloto, Thai Tourist:
“This afternoon, we just had a look again and especially in this small street of copper and it is a very interesting handicraft, yes.”
28. Close-up of hand engraving onto a copper sheet
29. Man working on copper
30. Close-up of man’s face
31. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Ahmad Goharimehr, Experienced copper engraver:
“This art has been handed down to us from our ancestors and our children will also follow this art. The history of this art goes back to the Safavid Dynasty.”
32. Wide of shop and workplace of copper artistic works and wares
33. Close-up of mountain goat made from copper
34. Tilt-up of big samovar (metal urn for making tea) made of copper
36. Copper handicrafts
Artists from the Isfahan region of Iran engrave beautiful patterns on copperware.
In doing so they are passing on skilled profession with a long history.
Artisans work on creative patterns but also on engrave verses from the Quran into the copper.
In a bazaar echoing with the sound of hammering, copper engravers are hard at work.
The artists use simple tools to form beautiful embossed patterns of Quran verses, flowers, animals and much more.
To prepare the copper for engraving, tar is melted and a layer of copper is laid down onto it so that its surface is not bent out of shape when the hammering begins, as copper engraver Seyd Ahmad Ahmadi explains.
Afterwards, a chisel and small hammer are used to make notches.
Tourist Tira Pauloto says she thinks it is a lovely handicraft.

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