Welcome to Silver Seekers LIVE Stream!

For FULL details on our different ways to interact with the stream, visit us at If you plan to contribute, you are expected to have read and fully understand the rules and eligibility on the details page linked above.

You are NOT required to participate in any way! Feel free to just hang out, chat, and enjoy the show!


We will have LIVE moderators, as well as our chat bot to assist in moderating and answer simple questions… use the command !help to get a list of current commands you can use with the bot.

When you join chat, be sure to chime in and say hello! This lets the bot know you’re here right away so you can start accumulating Seeker Coins that are used in our FREE giveaways during and at the end of the stream! The bot keeps track of active participants, so make sure to chime in now and then (every 5 minutes or so should be enough).

If you want to know what Seeker Coins are, again, visit the link above… that page has everything laid out in perfect detail so that you never feel lost when watching the stream!

Current Moderators: (Be sure to visit their channels and subscribe to them!)

Ravenhawk Coins:

Flea Market Coin Hunters:

Vicki C of the Fam:

Laura Blade:

Tessa Cunningham:

So, thank you for joining, have fun, and feel free to interact with us!

Background Music: Kevin MacLeod CC 3.0 – – Titles on Screen

All Rules and Details available at

Post time: 03-10-2018