Cure Sinus Infection Through Natural Remedies

An individual suffering from sinus inflammation is actually in a very miserable and debilitating condition and wants nothing, but relief from sinus infection. Sinus infection is very painful and also impedes the routine activities of sinusitis sufferers. Sinus infection is basically the result of inflammation of the lining of sinuses, which are hollow cavities around the nose. The swelling restricts the normal flow of air and mucus which eventually leads to pressure and pain and this condition is named as sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinus infection

Few common symptoms of sinusitis are pressure and pain around and below the eyes, near the forehead and nose, headache and thick nasal discharge. The situation can get even worse on leaning forward, bending or moving your head suddenly. This usually depends on the pairs of sinuses which are affected-

• Allergic sinusitis usually occurs because of nasal allergies like pollen, smoke, dust and also involves watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and thick discharge from nose.

• Bacterial sinusitis is when the viral sinus is infected with some bacteria and the symptoms are much more than sinus pressure, pain and fever

• Viral sinusitis usually occurs because of cold or flu and involves the inflammation of lining of the sinus membrane

Treatment of sinus infection- Sinusitis can be cured by prescription drugs and antibiotics however majority of the sinus patients prefer sinus treatment through natural remedies as these do not carry any side effects.

• The simplest way to cure sinus infection is to adjust the level of humidity in your place. Also, appropriate humidity level is extremely essential for the sinusitis sufferers as a lot of dryness can also aggravate the sinus blockage. For this, you can place humidifier in the room to have moist air. On the contrary, you might necessitate a dehumidifier in your place if the environment is quite humid. A lot of humidity increases the sinus pain and makes things terrible.

• Drink sufficient warm fluids like soups, fresh juices, green tea and lemonade. The foods which are rich in vitamin C are very helpful to treat sinus infection.

• Another very effective home remedy to treat sinus infection is inhalation of vapors or steam. Add some drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil. This significantly helps in opening of nasal cavities and also thinning of the mucus. You can even add tea-tree oil, peppermint oil or raw onion to steaming water.

• Also, ginger has got some anti inflammatory properties. You can prepare a paste of water and ginger and then apply it on your forehead to cure sinus pain.

Besides, sinus treatment also includes decongestants, nasal sprays, antibiotics, oral steroids, pain killers and antihistamines in order to relive sinus pain.

Post time: 05-20-2017