Cyber Acoustics Portable Digital iPod Speaker Dock

It is not easy to choose a gadget that would complement your lifestyle. But one thing is for sure, all of us got to have our own iPod. Considered the best gadget of the last decade (2000-2009), not having an iPod is like not having your own mobile phone. You breathe with it, you live with it.

This iconic gadget deserves nothing but the best accessories. There is a wide range of iPod speakers to choose from but if you are looking for the best, it has to be Cyber Acoustics Portable Digital Docking Speaker (CA-461). It is compatible with every iPod available in the market (iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod classic). All you have to do is choose the suitable insert for your iPod model and attach it to your speaker. It allows your iPod to receive a charge while you enjoy your music, so it will be ready to hit the road when you are. A 2-in-1 portable digital dock that helps you save electricity, making it earth friendly.

It is designed to distribute loud sound in spite of its size. The two inch speakers offer 6 watts, enough to provide good quality sounds in a room. It features Xtreme Bass technology so you know it is good. Since it is magnetically shielded, this speaker can be used near computer or other devices with just minimal interference. CA-461 can be powered through a wall outlet or 4 AA batteries when you are on the go. It lets you enjoy your music wherever you are. Lastly, this iPod speaker comes with 3.5 mm audio cable, protective pouch, and a dock inserts.

You can buy Cyber Acoustics Portable Digital iPod Speaker Dock online for $61.44 while you can get it 55% less when you purchase it on Amazon ($27.63)!

Post time: 12-26-2016