DIY Cell Phone Extreme Close Ups – Easy & Free Macro Lens

How to Make a Cell Phone Macro Lens that takes amazing pictures for FREE. Easy to Make! Free to make! Only takes as few minutes to make and install. Yes, you can make your own DIY cell phone macro lens out of salvaged / recycled parts for free. With this cell phone camera mod you can take amazing close up pictures that you have to see to believe. I have Dialed in the design and effect that I shared in a previous video (link below) to create a cell phone mod that can easily be added and removed from just about any cell phone (pretty much any cell phone). This is a DIY macro lens that does not harm my phone or leave any marks. Want to take a close up picture of a single hair, pixels, coins and more? With this lens you can capture incredible close up detail using the camera on your phone. The best part… I did not have to buy a single thing to make the project in this video. Check out this complete tutorial and see actual pictures taken with the lens made in the video. Perfect project for Makers, Doers, DIY-types or anyone that wants to have a little fun Dialing-In the pictures your phone can take. Oh, did I mention?.. Free project because you use recycled / repurposed parts.

* I a previous video we took apart a disposable camera which is also a good place to get lenses for projects like this one ( – What’s Inside a Disposable Camera DID v3).
* In another video I Dialed In a cell phone macro lens that take incredibly close up pictures with even more amazing detail (How to Make a Cell Phone Macro Lens – takes amazing pics:
* One of the close up shots you saw today was of the metal mesh screen I used in the Altoids Fan video (Make Portable Cooling Fans -12 volts on USB – Altoids Tin Project:

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WARNING: you need to be careful when adding a device like this to your phone to ensure that your build does not place too much pressure on the phone screen or case. You are responsible for all outcomes from attempting to recreate this project. Follow the steps shown to reduce the possibility of damage.

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Post time: 09-02-2017