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You will often see us using a tool that is used to hold metal in place while we tack or weld. This type of tool is called a third hand (or welders hand or other hand). As you know, TIG welding requries two hands, unlike MIG and some other welding processes. This makes it difficult to tack sometimes, especially if the piece you are trying to weld can’t stand on its own. Unfortunately, these are not items that you can generally buy from a welding distributor or big box store. That is why we are going to show you how to build a welders third hand from items you can pick up at your local big box hardware store for less than $5.00.

Build a Welders Third Hand for less than $5.00! Oh yeah, and it will only take about 20 minutes or less to build. This is the perfect project for a new welder or just another project to build up your tool inventory.

Parts List:
2 – 12″ Rebar ($1.18 ea)
1 – Counter weight (optional)
Spray paint (optional – $2)

Tools Needed:

1. Grind the first piece of rebar to a point on one side.
2. Grind feet onto both sides of the second piece of rebar. You can braze on some copper fittings to the bottom of the feet if you want additional grounding, however we did not do this in this video.
3. Place the first piece of rebar in the vise and bend a 90 degree angle (3-4 inches from the point).
4. Place the second piece of rebar (in half) in the vise and bend it to a 30 degree angle.
5. Attach the two pieces together by welding or TIG brazing them at the bend point. (Clean with EZ wipe or Acetone before welding)
6.Tack weld the counter weight directly above the first weld.
7. Spray paint if desired.


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