DIY Wireless Charging for your Wireless Computer Mice = Worryless

Wireless Mouse is pain if you have to replace/recharge the batteries very frequently + it becomes heavy with those batteries inserted in your wireless mouse. so Today I’m going to show you how to make your wireless charging wireless mouse. Similarly you can do this to your Keyboard as well

Do you know what’s the difference between pro gamer and pro loser ? pro gamer do his best moves to win while pro loser is just finding batteries for his wireless mouse ! LOL !!

Few days ago Logitech has brought us a new wireless mouse Logitech G PowerPlay which has QI induction wireless charger built into the mouse pad which lets you charge your phones and mouse too. I found this very interesting so Let’s begin building our own wireless charging wireless mouse for just around 10 $

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1) Wireless Mouse –
2) QI Induction Wireless Charger –
3) Wireless Charger Coil –
4) IN4007 Diode –
5) 3.7v Lipo –

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Post time: 07-18-2017