Do Women Like Bad Boys For Dates And Good Boys For Marriage?

Well, this is a very common question for guys who can not pick the women. They just keep thinking what is wrong about them.

Do girls get attracted to only bad boys? What is so special about these bad boys?

First of all, let me explain that this entire concept is not right.

No girl on this earth feels attracted to a guy who is called ‘bad’. We are talking about someone who abuses girls, comments on them or does something like that.

Stop thinking about it and start doing some real work on it, then only it can be clear to you.

Do some homework and next week you can see a huge difference.

Choose some 5 girls, talk to them and follow these rules.

Always smile, be cordial and show that you are caring.

Never say anything sarcastically.

Try to show that you are interested in her. Keep complimenting her and then notice how a girl responds to it.

She may think you are just another guy who likes her.

So that makes a difference. So now, I hope you have got an idea why girls have that attitude for these kind of guys.

The guys who just remain very informal with the girls, a bit sarcastic and show them ‘I don’t care’ attitude drive girls crazy.

Sometimes girls may even think How can they say this to them.

But believe me, girls feel very comfortable around these guys.

So there is no question about a girl feeling attracted to bad guys.

You need to become a bit more comfortable with girls, may be someone they feel comfortable with. I hope you have got the key.

Post time: 12-01-2017