Drill Through Spot Welds Quicker, Easier & Safer! Pneumatic Spot Weld Drill from Eastwood

The Spot weld drill is perfect for any restoration where you are going to be drilling through countless spot welds.

Get one HERE: http://www.eastwood.com/5-16-pneumatic-spotweld-drill.html#utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=annotation&utm_campaign=2017-08-29&utm_content=spot%20weld%20drill

The Eastwood 5/16” [8mm] Spot Weld Drill makes drilling out spot welds for panel removal a less tedious and much safer job!

Makes spot-weld drilling safer, faster and much easier
Automatic bit advance feature with sturdy backing hook
Precise cutting depth adjustment allows drilling through outer panel only with no damage to underlying panel
Quick bit replacement. Uses Eastwood #31266 Replacement Spot Weld Bits
It features an automatic bit advance feature with positive spot weld cutting depth adjustment and a removable backing hook. The set-screw drill bit retaining design provides convenient and secure cutting bit changes.

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Post time: 09-03-2017