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This wire stripping machine will blow your mind!


CWS-01 Wire/Cable Stripper is a Heavy duty industrial wire stripper for your scrap wires and cables. Its built with a heavy duty 3/4 hp motor 110v/60hz single phase or 220v/50hz single phase upon request. This wire stripper is direct gear driven, single blade operation and weights 90lb.This Industrial wire stripper has a cutting range that varies from 14awg to 3 inch cables.It has a super easy to use adjustable handle.The blade is made of 4140 steel and is harden to 57 Rockwell, so that each blade will last for thousands of feet of wire and twice the lifetime of regular cutting blades.This wire stripper will strip wire at a rate of 120 feet per min.This Industrial wire stripper is designed to last virtually forever and makes a great bench top unit. Mounting this wire stripper on a work cart will make it a portable wire stripper . This wire stripper will strip solid core wire as well as stranded wire. This wire stripper is a self feeding unit.

Post time: 12-26-2016