Electrostatic field: Coulomb force, potential energy and field lines

Table of content:
0:00:05 Introduction
0:02:25 Point charges
0:02:46 Coulomb force
0:04:09 Threedimensional plot of Coulomb force
0:05:09 Force vectors in the X/Y plane (vectorial notation of Coulomb’s law)
0:06:32 Action and Reaction
0:07:15 Attracting force between different charges
0:08:20 Electric field vector
0:09:29 Computing field lines
0:15:19 Electrostatic potential energy
0:18:08 Electrostatic potential
0:20:24 3D plot of the electrostatic potential
0:21:58 Equipotential lines and voltage
0:25:36 Potential of a positive and a negative charge
0:28:40 Approaching of a positive and a negative charge
0:31:12 Creating an electric field
0:32:43 Uniform electric field
0:36:29 Charge quantization
0:37:11 Simple model of an atom / molecule
0:38:45 Electric dipole moment
0:40:16 Simple model of water molecules
0:42:11 Distortion polarization
0:43:25 Feedback between dipoles and an external field
0:44:49 Permanent dipoles in an external electric field
0:46:00 Coulomb constant
0:47:05 Electrostatic induction
0:48:00 Redistribution of charge in a metal object
0:49:11 Field lines of two positive charges
0:52:11 Potential grid of two positive charges
0:53:00 Three positive charges
0:53:59 A ring of positive charges
0:55:49 Hollow sphere of positive charges
0:57:17 Two positive charges, distant view
0:58:23 Equipotential surface
0:59:12 Simple model of a proton
1:01:48 Potential energy of two protons

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