End Panic Attacks – Use These 5 Surefire Techniques to See Results As Early As 1 Week, Guaranteed!

One of the most common questions asked by panic attack sufferers is how they can end or prevent their panic attacks. Since panic affects different people in diverse ways, this article will show you 5 different surefire techniques proven to help you end those nasty panic attacks within 1 week or less…

1. “Hello Bob, Can We Talk For A Minute…”

One of the most effective ways to end a panic attack is to call a pal of yours, Jane, Judy, Justine, James, John, Jamie, Junior, Or another friend with a name that begins with another alphabet besides the letter “J”. All you need to do is ensure that their voice is soothing and that it has a calming effect on you eh? Once your friend is on the line, you want to talk to them for a while. Panic attacks occur no more than a few minutes – normally less than 5 minutes, so you want to talk to your pal for that duration. Talking will help get your mind off of the attack.

2. “Can I Share That Oxygen Tank Of Yours?”

Nah, I am not referring to a real live oxygen tank, what I am trying to suggest is that you take in a lot of oxygen through your nostrils – Breathe man, breathe! Breathing is one thing that normalizes you during a panic attack. Some people prefer to use a paper bag – referred to as paper bag re-breathing, while others prefer using the deep breathing exercises. Both techniques have the same effect on you, they will calm you down and take your mind off the panic. They key here is to “breathe” not to “panic”. Sometimes people confuse the two especially when they are in the middle of an attack. It’s like saying “take a walk” and instead they hear “pace around agitatedly!”

3. “Is That The Simpsons On TV?

Okay, if you are not into cartoons, you could substitute that for soaps or 3D animation or whatever catches your fancy…The point here is to get your mind off the panic attack by watching something fun on TV. I for one would opt for…wait for it…wait…Sesame Street! Yep..”Tell me who are the people (in your neighborhood)3x, Say, who are the people in your neighborhood…they’re the people that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, they’re the people that you meet…each day!” Okay, I know, I know, I got carried away their for a bit. But get this; you want to watch something that will calm you down. Forget about the violence please – leave the action movies alone, go for Kids’ TV shows if possible, you should be looking for fun things to watch – think “soapy” thoughts okay? It really works to watch good TV, it may sound silly but I have seen it work wonders.

4. “Okay Serge!”, Or Is It “Aye, Aye, Captain”?

Anyone works I guess, just ensure that your body and mind know s who’s in charge – You! You must retain control in the midst of that panic attack. The feeling of loss of control is one of the more common triggers of panic. To regain the feeling of being in charge, all you need to do most time is something that you are totally in control of – it doesn’t have to be heavy duty stuff, try house cleaning, dish washing or something that you can do perfectly. Like me, I will play the piano or acoustic guitar because I do both and I have control over both.

5. “Alright Henry, Time For Your Solo Flight eh?”

Finally it’s time to fly solo! And no I am not referring to real airplane flight pleeeease. What I mean by this is that you mark out what I call an “alone time” for you to be by yourself hence the use of the term “solo”, forget the flying then. Once you are alone, you’d notice that you will calm down very quickly. While alone you could play some soft music – think; Sade Adu, or Celine Dion (when she’d not flexing those wonderful vocal chords of hers too highly eh?), you could also go to your alone place with a book, anything that will ensure your get calm and cozy very fast.

Post time: 12-26-2017