Espresso Vs Coffee – How to Make Espresso

There are many ways to make an espresso, and there are many ways to make coffee. However, espresso is the drink of the day. Like the many ways to make an espresso, there are a number of reasons why people drink espressos. An espresso made with Arabica beans has less caffeine in it than drip coffee. People drink espressos as a social drink at places where they can sit and talk. Some may say it is a fad, but I think it goes beyond that. Espressos have many different tastes from not only just Arabica beans, but a variety of bean blends and from a great number of flavorings and spices that can be added to personalize their choice.

A home espresso machine makes espressos by released heated water and steam under pressure through compressed coffee grinds in a portafilter. This combination of hot water and steam under pressure creates a very specific and different action on the ground coffee than how regular coffee is made. It is a chemical process that coffee makers cannot achieve.

Espresso machines come in several categories. There is a moka maker as well as simple pump machines, semi-automatic and super automatic ones. A moka pot is an Italian steam-based stove-top espresso maker. The bottom section holds water and usually has a pressure valve. A filter piece filled with ground coffee is in the middle and the top section that will hold the brewed espresso is screwed onto the bottom section. When the maker is placed on a hot stove-top burner, the boiling hot water and steam are forced through the ground coffee into the top part of the maker. This is a low pressure espresso and is very popular although some do not consider a moka maker as a true espresso machine.

A handpresso holds a ground coffee pod in a basket for one cup of espresso. Pump the machine until 16 bar pressure is achieved and then add the hot water to the reservoir and tighten the lid. The next step is to add an Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pod to the portafilter and close the lid. Then you simply press the dispenser button on the top of the handpresso and the quality espresso will flow out through the dispenser spout on the end.

Pump espresso machines and semi-automatic machines have an activation switch that engages the machine’s pump for hot steam. These machines use finely ground coffee in a porta-filter for the steam to go through. They also have a frother for making cappuccinos. An automatic machine heats the water, pumps up the right amount of steam and then runs on its own. Super automatics are fully automatic espresso machines that can be connected to a water line, grind your coffee the way you have it programmed and brew your espresso to your pre-set conditions stored in the machine. The latest models will make a pre-set recipe for each person just by their pre-set thumb print.

Commercial espresso machines make espressos and other drinks the same way as some home espresso machines. However, they are made for much more constant use and are designed for registered baristas.

Post time: 12-25-2017