Funny Personality Tests

Personality tests are not all about serious topics like the future of mankind, etc. We know they are used to determine the type of your personality, your skills and values etc. We also know that they can be used just for the sake of finding out what type of person you really are. Most important, personality tests are now used more and more to determine your aptitude for a certain type of occupation or career. But apart from all these ‘serious’ matters, personality tests also have a refreshingly lighter side to them.

If you are genuinely bored, try a different type of personality test – try some fun quizzes. They will tell you about your stress level, give a fair assessment of your health, decide if you have lost all your energy, and above all, let you know how you feel about love. All you have to do is to go online – there are lots of fun personality tests. Mind you, none of these tests will give you a definite answer on what you should do with your life. You should at best use them as a tool to generate informed guesses and consider them as an element of your overall career planning.

But all funny things may not be so funny. Most of these fun personality tests, even when looking seriously scientific, will tell you just what you want to hear only after you give them access to your email address. From that point on, you will be inundated with emails asking for money, telling you there’s more in your future, etc. Stay away from over involvement — it only leads to aggravations.

Post time: 03-10-2018