Get Sorted! How to Sort Your Laundry

We all have household tasks that we hate more than others… for some it’s dusting, others vacuuming, for me it’s doing the laundry (it was bad enough just doing my own, but now that I’m doing laundry for 2 adults and 2 children it can feel as though it’s getting out of hand!) I’m not alone in this, and although I can’t make this an enjoyable job, I have reduced the time it takes by following a strict routine and using some items which are proving real helpers.

I now have set days for doing the clothes washing and I stick to this so that it doesn’t get out of hand by the weekend. So firstly, sorting the laundry. Is your Washing Basket up to it? You use it every day yet many of us don’t exactly use very useful trolleys to store (and sort) the clothing.

Rather than sorting it all when doing the wash you can do it as you go by using a Laundry Hamper with separate compartments. Ideally look for one with removable bags & a sturdy folding frame, especially if you need one that is suitable for the family home.

If necessary remove any clothes that need to be presoaked or are particularly stained and do them in a separate wash – you may need to do these with a particular stain remover or at a higher temperature. Obviously separate your colours from your whites (why a Laundry Hamper with compartments is so useful) and then have a scan of the clothes to check whether there is anything that needs to be removed (broaches, tissues in pockets, cufflinks – I even found a belt left on a pair of trousers once!) I also double check that there are no delicates or hand wash items in with the rest of the wash.

The best way to avoid such items getting into a regular wash however is to put any handwash or delicate items in a Wash Bag within the Laundry Trolley – this way not only are you avoiding them getting mixed up into an incorrect wash cycle and possibly being ruined, but you’re also saving time because you can then just put the wash bag straight into the wash. (By the way, Wash Bags are also brilliant for sorting your dirty laundry for when you’re travelling, enabling you to keep it separate from your clean clothes and then just put it straight into the wash when you return!)

Similarly for knitwear you should always use a specialist knitwear wash bag, in order to avoid fading, felting, pilling & shrinking. Again you can save time and potential disasters by putting your knitwear straight into the Wash Bag rather than into your Washing Basket.

One final tip on sorting… Little Feet Sock Pairers. How annoying is it when you’re folding your dry washing and end up with a pile of unmatched socks. Even if you do find the other sock you can guarantee they will end up separately in your drawer because you don’t have time to find the first one! Avoid this problem by using these Little Feet.

I automatically put my used socks into them and then into the Washing Basket. They are very durable, can be used over and over again, are designed for use with both the washing machine & tumble dryer, you simply push the socks into the Little Feet and place into the washing machine. Socks stay paired all the way through. No more odd socks! End of sorting headache!

Post time: 12-25-2017