Goku Time chamber combos BNB max damage comparisions +a couple others

Again no schedule on the game or videos right now as im burnt out on it, and gonna be busy with doctor stuff for a bit again so just gonna upload this. Mostly of course old stuff that ive shown ideas of before but in a perhaps more comfy format going from weakest to strongest.

Main ideas that hopefully(…*crickets chirp*.. ya thats not happening)should be grasped from this. Assuming of course that we want to be able to be at a height where we can double super. So this can potentially put us in a conundrum if obviously we have to assume not all combos start from the ground (whether other people posting videos only want to do combos that start from teh ground or not.. *rolls eyes* )for say something like the double down ki blast links. Which easily let you get a good height for the double super…So generally speaking better to go for one. Also of course although ki to kamehameha does more than down hard to hurricane kick, realistically in longer combos its not possible.

Of course also shown is we can try if we want a longer say air combo to remember to only medium and not double light to save us a bit of time on the tech buffer.

For again the upwards kamehameha links this is more important as since the combo is longer as shown you can not get longer ground combos if you still want to get the height for a double super.

On the subject of upwards kamehameha links and downwards ones, just pick and choose really depending on the character you are vsing. Its not really a has to be a big body thing has to be this, just some characters are brain dead easy and some take more timing. So pick and choose.

Overall the main thing to grasp from this is, what ive said before generally speaking iad m, k, 2m, h, 2k is very easy and a very stable combo and potentially can even do the most damage. although most certainly depending on the character the kamehameha link ones are very easy.

At the end I tried to show just a couple other fun variations of some old combos. Also showing off how if the combo is to long a “good” ender for it.

I showed the big body combo at the end, just for clarity sake to well.. once again show it is possible 2 double link fireball to a super jump. But its not worth it imo and the damage doesnt make it worth it to even want to try either with how tight it is at least solo speaking so isnt worth comparing directly with the rest at the beginning.

magical trick society cornered is the song. It beat up kof wild party and sector 7 from blazblue. Maybe next time.

On another note, finally got youtube money for the video to pay for the game. If you are to go by google ad sense, had my videos not totally gotten screwed over and the general community not being garbage … well.. I lost over 2 thousand dollar off what they thought I was gonna make. lol Oh well..life eh. At least I paid for the game with the videos meh~

Post time: 03-10-2018