Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller – The Best Double Stroller Bang For Your Buck

When it comes to how you will transport your baby around, there are so many things to consider. If you are a parent of more than one child who needs to be pushed around the mall, grocery store, or anywhere else, then you have probably dealt with the double stroller dilemma many parents of younger children have struggled with for ages. Double strollers can certainly be a life saver for any parent who wants to be able to get around comfortably with more than one small child. The problems with double strollers is that they are usually big, heavy, bulky, and cost an arm and a leg. Enter the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller.

There are hundreds of double strollers on the market, and many designer strollers which offer light weight and maneuverability. The problems with these designer strollers is that they cost a small fortune to be able to buy. On most people’s budgets, it just isn’t feasible to spend any more than $200 on a stroller, which is why the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller is a lifesaver. It offers the comfort, style, and safety that Graco has been known for without the hefty price-tag of most other double strollers on the market. You can find one starting at around $150, which is a surprisingly low price for a stroller of this quality and caliber.

Not only is this stroller the right price, it is also small enough to fit into the trunk of a fairly small car with some room to spare. For people who have a large truck or SUV, this often isn’t a problem, but for my family who uses an old Saturn 4 door to get around to save on gas, a stroller to fit into the trunk without requiring some disassembly was a must, and this one does fit the bill. It collapses quite nicely and compactly to fit into the trunk, and isn’t as much of a beast to lift in and out as one might think. While it is definitely heavier than a single stroller, it is not even close to being the heaviest double stroller on the market.

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller is also highly maneuverable, which is another plus. When you are pushing a long stroller around which can sometimes feel like a bus, it is necessary to have ease in maneuverability. Graco delivered on that front as well with this stroller. I can turn the stroller easily one-handed without having to struggle to push it.

There are a few minor issues with this stroller. The first is how small the front seat is. For now it works fine with my kids, but soon enough, my daughter won’t be able to fit comfortably in the front seat. As it is, when she slouches down a bit now if she falls asleep, her rear end hangs off the seat. Not a huge deal, but it may be a bigger issue in the future. The second problem is that the rear seat only offers two positions – completely reclined or completely upright. Again, not a huge issue, but it would be nice if there was a bit more versatility in the seat positioning.

Overall, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller far exceeded my expectations, particularly for the price. It offers a lot of the same features that many other double strollers with much higher price-tags do. It is certainly advisable to shop around and do your research in this field. I highly recommend this stroller to any parent who needs a stroller for younger children. It can fit into just about any trunk storage space, and is extremely maneuverable and surprisingly light weight compared to other strollers of its size. The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller is definitely one of the things I couldn’t imagine living without.

Post time: 03-10-2018