Granite Work Tops Look Great

If a kitchen renovation or remodel is something that is playing in your mind right now, you should take note that one of the areas you want to deeply think about is what kind of countertops or work tops you are going to have. These are the most visible part of the kitchen aside from the cabinet faces. Your very expensive cabinetry, which is made from exotic and expensive woods, will look as cheap as the bargain basement brand, cheap cabinets. The counter top can make all the difference in the world when it comes to showing off your kitchen. As you decide on your kitchen countertop or work top, make sure that you install the one that matches the elegance of your cabinetry.

A great choice for tops is granite because it is extremely durable and, of course, beautiful so that it accentuate any wood material you’ve chosen. The formation of granite involves a molten rock that becomes hard while underground and this rock is then uncovered because of weathering of the soil above it or because of tectonic movements. Each sample of granite is unique because of the different grain structures and mineral contents trapped in each outcropping. The sizes of the grain are actually dependent on the speed of cool down. If it has cooled down really quick, the mineral grains do not have enough time to form and what you see is a very uniform-looking piece of rock. If it takes millions of years for it to solidify, the different compounds can combine together to form bigger grains which are noticeable when the slab is cut. The most favored pieces of granite work tops are those that have unevenness in their structures as influenced by the cool down process. These different sized mineral grains add texture and beauty to the face.

The addition of different minerals also influences the piece by changing the color of the rock. The available colors for granite range from deep red and black to a granite color that is almost white. Colors depend on the chemicals contained in the body of lava during the time of cooling. There are a lot more colors than the dull gray you associate with construction gravel. That’s why you can find granite that will perfectly match or blend with any color scheme of your kitchen.

Granite is not only great looking, it also is very tough and almost indestructible. All you have to do to keep it looking great is to polish it every once in a while and clean up with soap and water.

Post time: 11-15-2017