Hamon: Claying a Blade

Despite the last video’s attempt at humor, I would like to offer a serious run down on the low down for laying down your clay.
This is, of course, not the ultimate end all, beat all official word on what type of clay or how to use it, but a basic primer.
Different grades of steel, clays, edge geometry, and quenches will, however, ultimately effect the outcome of your heat treatment and efforts to create hamon.
In this particular installment, I am applying clay to a W1 baby seax by Matthew Parkinson, Forged in Fire ep1 champ and one of the mad geniuses at Dargon’s Breath Forge.
I’d like to thank him, Keith Howell (Howell Cutlery), and my mentor, Sean Shepherd (Shepherd Knives).
For a more thorough, indepth instructional video, I suggest skipping youtube and just buying Walter Sorrell’s DVD–I know it taught me a great deal.

*Caution* Remember, Hamon appear on shallow hardening, not deep hardening or stainless, steels. Your own results will vary based on the aforementioned variables.

Post time: 12-25-2016