High Efficiency Copper Cable Stripping Machine – The MSY-50

Strip a range of cables with the highly efficient MSY-50 Cable Stripping Machine.

This versatile machine can process a range of cable from 2mm to 50mm diameter. This Cable Stripper is designed for high efficiency, processing up to 40 metres per minute.

Groundwork supplies copper recycling machinery that enables you to recycle a huge range of products containing copper – fast. We have the equipment to speed up your copper processing and ensure your scrap commands the highest price.

To see the full range of cable stripping machines please visit: https://groundworkrecycling.com/products/cable-stripping-machines/

Groundwork Group are global suppliers of high-quality civil engineering machinery and equipment. We source our equipment from the world’s leading machinery manufacturers.

You can view our extensive range of civil construction machinery on our website: http://www.groundworkexperts.com


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Post time: 12-26-2016