How to Choose an Action Packed DVD

For many families, their worst arguments happen during movie night. They set off for the video rental place and, after a few minutes of looking around, they each come back with a stack of different movies that each person wants to watch. Of course, budgets and time are not something that most people have a lot of extra wiggle room in these days, so it is highly likely that an argument will erupt before everyone sits down in front of the television. This isn’t always the case of different people having fundamentally different tastes. Sometimes it is because there are just too many movies to choose from. How, for example, does one pick an action/adventure DVD when there are several different types of action/adventure DVDs to choose from?

Cars that Go Fast

This is a type of action/adventure DVD that involves cars going really really fast. These cars are usually very expensive sports cars that are driven by men with large muscles and larger egos while wearing very tight clothing (to show off those muscles of course). Sometimes, the movie is more about the cars going fast than it is about the plot (though, honestly, how many action/adventure DVDs have complicated plots). Some of the better car chase action/adventure DVDs include the Fast and the Furious (the first one), Days of Thunder and Redline.

Lots of Explosions

This is a type of action/adventure DVD in which, basically, lots of stuff blows up and the characters are forced to avoid getting themselves blown up as they run from one stressful situation to another, or try to escape the situation that caused so many explosions to happen in the first place. Good examples of this type of action/adventure movie include The Rock, Speed and Independence Day.

Special Effects Heavy

More often than not, special effects heavy action/adventure DVDs rely on humor to keep people interested in the movie. These are the movies in which things happen quickly and rely more on special effects than actual physics to make situations seem like they could actually happen. Some must-sees in this type of action/adventure DVD include the Matrix (the first one is phenomenal, the other two can be skipped), Transformers, and just about any movie involving superheroes.

The Macho Movie

This type of action adventure DVD centers on a single hero, usually male (or Angelina Jolie) who spends most of the movie running, jumping, climbing and, often, shooting a variety of firearms. Often this person is hunting someone or being hunted himself and has to outsmart most of the other characters in the movie to get his (or Angelina Jolie’s) way. Good examples of this include: James Bond, Rambo, the Bourne movies or almost anything starring Angelina Jolie.

The great thing about action adventure DVDs is that there are so many different types to choose from. Movie renters can choose serious movies, funny movies or even movies that have no plot but a heck of a lot of explosions.

Post time: 06-20-2017