How To Dab | How To Take a Dab Properly –

New to dabbing and want to know how to dab? Well then watch this video now! We go into detail about how to take a dab properly! Learn how to dab now!

Corrections: With the creation of the “quartz banger” dab nail, “banger hanger rigs” have become extremely popular. So you will now see many dab rigs with female joints. Any glass on glass water pipe can be a dab rig with the proper dab nail. Cheers! – Jay


Grav Labs Mini Dab Rig ($90.00) –

Vector Butane Torch ($50-70.00) –

Ti King Pointed Dabber ($15.00) –

Pukinbeagle 14mm Quartz Nail ($15.00) –

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Post time: 09-04-2017