How To Get Paid And Get Free Gear On Youtube?

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On this video we will talk about gear reviews. How to get free gear and get paid for doing the review.

Tip #1

Find the middle ground companies. The big companies have all the budget, but they are not going to hire you because they don’t know who you are. The smaller companies simply don’t have the budget for gear reviews.

Tip #2

Find some guitar magazines (I used to go to my local Barnes & Nobble) and browse strategically. Towards the end you will find the ads for those middle ground companies, they are not the ones that can afford a full color page ad, but are the ones willing to pay for some advertising.

Tip #3

Once you have a list of these companies, make an email template where you introduce yourself and offer to review the product in exchange for free gear or a small fee (something like 50 bucks it’s a good starting place).

Tip #4

Start with little things (don’t ask for a free guitar if you are just starting), applications, guitar picks, strings, accessories, etc.

Tip #5

Build your portfolio. The more video reviews you have, the more you can expand and charge more.

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Post time: 07-30-2017