How To Make A Campfire In Your Backyard

If you’ve ever gone camping then some of your fondest memories may very well be sitting around the campfire at night with friends and loved ones by your side. There seems to be something magical about the way the flames tickle the darkness and how they evoke a feeling of camaraderie and security. At times like these doesn’t everything just seem right in the world?

How to Build a Campfire

If you’re camping in the wilderness, or in an established campground, it’s often best to use a fire ring for safety purposes. If a fire ring isn’t available then you can clear the ground and build a ring of rocks around the fire that you’re about to build. Another way is covering the ground with sand or soil that’s free from any flammable materials.

Traditionally there are three types of materials that are used to build a campfire. They are tinder, kindling, and fuel wood.

Tinder is used to start the fire and usually consists of anything that’s easily lit with a match. It may be cedar bark, birch bark, or fatwood. Although it isn’t natural, some people use steel wool as an alternative. Steel wool can also be started easily with flint and steel.

Kindling is material that’s smaller than fuel wood but bigger than tinder. Although you’ll need at least as much kindling to fill a hat, the more you have the easier it will be to start your campfire. Kindling can be as thin as your finger or as thick as your wrist.

Fuel wood consists of different kinds of timber. Fuel wood can be anything from a small log with a three or four inch diameter to a large log that will often burn for several hours. Although you may find fuel wood in the wilderness you will often need a hatchet or another cutting tool to gather it. If you’re camping at a heavily used campsite you will probably either have to buy the fuel wood at a nearby store or bring it with you from home.

In the US National Parks and State Parks that allow camping most will allow you to collect wood that’s lying on the ground. However parks that have problems with erosion may not permit this. Also, it is prohibited to cut down a living tree.

If you would like to enjoy the feeling that comes with having campfire in your backyard without having to deal with a lot of the hassles then the best thing you can do would be to buy a fire pit that is designed expressly for that purpose. Most use propane or gas to fuel them, so you won’t even have to hunt for firewood.

Post time: 11-15-2017