How to March to Your Own Drum

What is the Drummer within?

Henry David Thoreau “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears; however measured or far away” The drummer is the small voice within that calls to us. When we pay no attention, our external experiences take the form of:

- Unrest

- Disease

- Resentments

- Worry

- Fear A burning desire may be the drummer within, the small voice saying. “Hear me”

Ask yourself:

- What do you want?

- What’s your persistent dream?

- What calls to you over and over?

It may be the drummer from the jungle within sending you a message.

It may be the voice of God, the Universal Mind trying to communicate with you. People call it many things. It is all the same, no matter the name we give it.

Your very own Drummer. Each person has a unique blueprint. Each person has a particular part to play in the Universe. No teacher, no guru can find it for you, it exists within.

You must listen to the voice within to find your personal drummer. Rhythm and drums have been used to express feelings and accompany rituals and religious ceremonies for centuries. They are known to have existed since 6000 BC.

It’s been said that the drum was the first form of a telephone, communicating, relaying messages over vast distances. There are many variations of drums. Gourds and logs have been used to beat out different sounds and messages.

It is common for us to speak of the voice within as a Drummer trying to communicate with us. Ask yourself:

- What are my natural qualities?

- What things motivate me?

- What sort of things causes me stress?

- What patterns emerge?

Too often we repress or drown out the beat of our Drummer by concentrating only on what we think others think we “Ought to do.” Hear that? Is that my drummer? Pay attention to nudges from the still small voice within. It is the still small voice that calls to you.

Some people call it:

- Intuition

- Consciousness

- The inner self

- A hunch

- I Am

It doesn’t matter what you call the drummer. It matters that you learn to follow it’s lead and enjoy your march. The I Am, is the drummer. It is the center of your individuality. It is the originator of everything that takes place in man.

We have built in guides, an internal compass that gives us direction. It is experienced in many ways, such as:

- A gut feeling

- A restless yearning

- An inner voice

- Spontaneous thoughts

- Visions

- Feelings impressions

- Dreams

What are the patterns? You may hear your drummer as a booming base drum, a brushing whisper, a constant rumble in the jungle of your mind or it may be the snappy sound of the marching snare. It is unique to you.

Marching to the beat of your own drum is fun. Find out:

- Don’t follow the crowd.

- Learn to draw outside the lines.

- Step out of your comfort zone.

Who says what is appropriate anyway? Who are they?

Frank Sinatra said it all in his classic rendition of “I did it my way.”

Feeling discontent is a call to awaken. The feeling of being incomplete, a sense that something isn’t quite right, knowing there must be more. These gnawing thoughts were well express in Peggy Lee’s famous recording of “Is that all there is?”

Some say your talent is the voice within. What is talent? What are you good at? What do you do well? What do you enjoy doing?

- Artistic

- Technical

- Mental

- Physical

- Inward directed

Where is it? The Drummer is in your mind. You’ll need to learn how the three parts of mind work together in your life. Get to know yourself by understanding how your mind works.

The Conscious mind absorbs knowledge; it is our thinker. It flits about. It is the least important part of the mind. It is the intellect.

The Subconscious mind stores everything. You are the sum total of all you fears, hates, good deeds, loves, charities, learning. Every experience and thought counts and is stored in the subconscious mind. You are a reflection of your subconscious mind. Its function is to create. It cannot reason it just creates from what the conscious mind feeds it.

It is here the drummer resides; resting until you wake up and join your drummer.

The Subconscious mind reminds us of things. You are the sum total of all the subconscious holds. The subconscious is the inner mirror of all that you are. It reflects health, vitality, your environment.

The Super Conscious is the most important part of the mind. It is the I Am, the Universal Mind, God… It is life incarnate. It is your Drummer.

The drummer originates the Super-consciousness mind. It comes from the Super conscious power and tries to express through the sub conscious mind. The more you listen the more you’ll find your self pulled toward:

- Classes

- Training

- Work

Activities that bring you closer and closer to marching to your own drum.Recognize it.

It may be heard as a big boom like that of a bass drum, or the brushing of a snare. It may be a steady beat or intermittent, but somewhere within the drummer is trying to get your attention. Pay Attention.

Copyright (c) 2009 Wee Dilts

Post time: 12-01-2017